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    This page is for students who have been away or wish to review what is needed to be completed for school. It will be updated on a daily basis.

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    • Div. 15

      Math: We are working on the last lesson of unit 2 on algebra.  Students are learning to solve word problems using algebra. Complete practice question 5A on page 121. We will review it on Thursday.

      Science: Complete questions 1-3 in the Check Your Understanding section on page 53,  due Friday.
    • Div. 13

      Math: Complete the questions on bar graphs, pages 133-134, due Friday

      Science: Infographs on micro-organisms and the immune system are due next Monday.

      French: Complete page 3 of Activities Pour Tous, due Tuesday. There will be a lesson 15 quiz next Thursday.


      • Science Assignments

      • Grade 6/7 French

        A Kahoot has been created to practice telling time. Click on the link to take you directly there:

        Telling Time Review

        • Links to Websites

          Prezi - A great option to create an interactive presentation.

          Mrs. Timmermans' homework page

          Wordreference.com - a highly recommended online dictionary

          quizlet.com - sign up for free to create your own study notes, quizzes, and to use other members' notes and quizzes.