• General


    This page is for students who have been away or wish to review what is needed to be completed for school. It will be updated on a daily basis.

    Click on one of the windows below to view your homework.

    I can be contacted at gkoenig@sd63.bc.ca

    • Div. 10

      Math: Lesson 5.1 on percent, decimals, and fractions, questions 1-10 on pages 103-104 is due next Wednesday.


      Forgot to take home some work? You can print out worksheets from the attachments below.

      • Div. 13

        Math: We are working on finding the volume of a cylinder. Questions 1-5 from lesson 4.8 are due next Tuesday. A review test on volume of rectangular and triangular prisms, and cylinders will be next Thursday, Feb. 16.


        French: There will be a review quiz on lesson 23 next Tuesday. The answer key to the written review is attached below.


      • Grade 6/7 French

        There will be a unit 3 lesson 5 review quiz on Thursday, Feb. 16 for Div. 5. The answer key for the written review work is below.

      • Links to Websites

        Prezi - A great option to create an interactive presentation.

        Mrs. Timmermans' homework page

        Wordreference.com - a highly recommended online dictionary

        quizlet.com - sign up for free to create your own study notes, quizzes, and to use other members' notes and quizzes.