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  • General


    8.5  days left

    Our own wonderful EA and tutor, Tracy Bowles:

                                                            Natasha McDowell

  • Topic 1

    MATH: Perimeter and Area

    Image result for area and perimeter formulas chart

          Pythagorean Theorem

    Image result for formula circumference circle

    Homework:  Students work at their own pace in skill builders or Math Links program or Easy As 3.14 program.  

    No more than 10 to 20 minutes of math Monday to Thursday or another time that works best for your family.

    Use pencil

    Due every Thursday for checking.

    • Topic 2

      Image result for SCIENCE TREE SCIENCE

      Current unit: Elements and Compounds

      Image result for elements vs compounds vs mixtures

      Weather unit with Mr Sum: completed

      concurrently with Elements and Compounds: Element superhero project  look for interactive periodic table

      • Topic 3


        Homework:  Grammar,  10 to 20 minutes Monday to Thursday or whatever works for your family. 

        Writing Unit: 

        Criteria: double spaced, indented, name on right, date on left, title underlined, grammar, spelling, paragraphs checked, concept words underlined

        1. No Electricity: 3 spelling words from package 10, 1 who clause, 1 which clause, 3 paragraphs, no dialogue. Over due

        2. Legend of the Easter Bunny 3: spelling words from package 11, letter format, 3 ly adverbs, 3 adjectives. Over due


        1. writing a summary

        2. note taking: double column method

        3. persuasive essay

        • Topic 4


          The Ten Rules of the Canoe.

          We are creating a collective display exploring the rules and ways to live as expressed by First Nations values of team work.