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    Dear Families,

    On Tuesday, February 21st we will be walking to Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea to enjoy the Marine Mammal Stewards program. Below is the description from their website explaining the focus of the program. The purpose of the trip is to enhance our learning in science and the role of humans in the ecosystem.


    Discover marine mammal biodiversity in the Salish Sea with a special focus on the endangered Southern resident killer whales. Students will learn to identify local marine mammal species and explore killer whale biology, behaviour and conservation through hands-on activities involving echolocation, photo-identification, and communication. 
    Program Length: 1 hour 15 min

    At 11:15 we will eat an early lunch then at 11:30 leave the school and walk to the Centre arriving at 12:15. After the program the class will explore other exhibits then walk back to the school for 2:55. The cost is 5$. If this presents a challenge for your family contact Mr Russell for a confidential conversation.

    We are looking forward to a successful trip. One or two parent volunteers would be appreciated. Please email me if you have any questions. Dress for rain or shine.

    Quick Read

    Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea

    Tuesday, February 21st


    Cost: 5$

    11:15 to 3:00

    Thank you, Julia Marshall



    Our own wonderful EA and tutor, Tracy Bowles:

                                                            Natasha McDowell

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    Students work at their own pace in either the Math Links program or the Easy As 3.14 program.  

    No more than 10 to 20 minutes of math Monday to Thursday or what ever works best for your family.

    Use pencil

    Due every Thursday for checking.

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      Image result for SCIENCE TREE SCIENCE

      Chapter 3:  Ecosystems and the role of Humans

      Read 3.7 page 78 preservation, conservation, and restoration.  

      Write one  paragraph explaining why our forest is an example of forest restoration.  Give 4 reasons based on what we've been doing.  1. invasive plant removal, 2. garbage removal, 3. allowing light to get to the soil. 4. small native plants re-emerging, 5. large native plants re-emerging. 6. eventual soil restoration on top of the old farm dump.

      Poster: Environmental Superstars: Because of the snow we will be starting this coming Tuesday, Feb 14th 

      We are learning how to make fir tip tea.  

      The science textbook may be signed out for study purposes, but as we share with another class they must be brought back to school daily.

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        Homework:  Grammar,  10 to 20 minutes Monday to Thursday or whatever works for your family. 

        Writing Unit: 

        Criteria: double spaced, indented, name on right, date on left, title underlined, grammar, spelling, paragraphs checked, concept words underlined

        1.   An Artist's Statement: 5 paragraphs Using "ing" verbs and "ly" adverbs, underlined

        2.   A Snake Story:  One paragraph ly" adverbs, underlined

        3.   Boy Wonder:. One paragraph, "ing and "ly", underlined

        4.  The Titans: one paragraph, 7 sentences using the list of 7 "dress up" words. One paragraph.  when, while, where, since, as, if, although. underlined

        5. Twister: Every sentence starts with a preposition, underlined. 5 sentences contains strong dual verbs, underlined.  Note change to criteria.

        6. Under the Rug: one paragraph, 5 dual adjectives, underlined 

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