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    Band 7 - Playing Test Due: April 13

    Band 7 students have a playing assignment submission due Thursday, April 13th by 11:59pm.
    Late submissions will lose 5% per day to a maximum of 20% and then a mark of zero will be given.
    This was assigned on Monday, April 3rd.

    Playing assignment material:

    Bb and Eb Concert Scales
    Students will be marked on note accuracy and steady tempo.

    Please email assignment submissions to

    Don't procrastinate! :)
    • Grade 6 Playing Assignment Due April 14th

      The Grade 6 band has a playing assignment due Friday, April 14th. I assigned it April 4th during rehearsal.
      Playing assignments are to be submitted to me by email by 11:59pm on the due date. Late submissions will lose 5% per day to a maximum of 20% and then awarded a zero.

      Assignment: Common Denominator
      Flutes: bars 37-46
      Clarinets: bars 19-27
      Alto Saxes: bars 37-53
      Tenor Sax: bars 5-17
      Trumpets: bars 19-27
      Trombones/baritone/basses: bars 5-17

      Don't wait until the last minute! No procrastinating! You can do this!

      Submissions can be sent to:

      • Festival Band - April Deposits

        April deposits ($275) for the Whistler trip are now due. The trip is coming up fast!

        Please email me if you'd like to use your child's fundraising balance toward the final deposit.
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