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Homework for April 20

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Homework for April 20
by George Koenig - Friday, 20 April 2018, 2:08 PM

Math: We are working on a cross-curricular project involving science (KMT) and math (Pythgorean Theorem): building rockets.

Science: One more class to build a working model of a hydraulic machine. Show me that it is working and hand in the inquiry sheets.

French: Unit 19 lesson quiz on Tuesday. An answer key to the worksheets can be downloaded from the homework page to check your work.

Miscellaneous: Lots!!!
-Report card envelope should be signed by a parent and returned.
-Waterslide field trip permission forms were handed lout Monday. Please return with payment by May 7.
-Yearbook orders are due back by Friday, April 27. No late orders will be accepted.
-Gauss math contest is approaching. More participants are wanted. Find how you compare with other grade 8 students in North America.