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Homework for Nov. 23

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Homework for Nov. 23
by George Koenig - Monday, 23 November 2015, 4:17 PM

What's happening this week:

Math: Chapter 3 Test  is on Thursday for Div. 13 and Friday for Div. 10.

To prepare work on the following:
Textbook pages 159-161, questions 1, 3-30. Don't draw the models where stated; just solve the equations.
Practice test on page 162-163
Unit review in your practice book pages 69-72
Get a copy of an old test from Mr. Koenig for final preparation.
There are extra packages to practice all fraction skills.

Science: All tomatosphere papers are due Tuesday for Div. 10 and are now overdue for Div. 13. These include:

                 -procedure page


              -seed lab

              -observations and conclusions

Div. 13 French: Good copy of your person description due Tuesday.