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Talent Night Act Schedule

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Talent Night Act Schedule
by Doug Caley - Tuesday, 12 April 2016, 2:23 PM

The TENTATIVE Act Schedule for our school Talent Night is now available - on the bulletin board outside the LC, by clicking here, and on our web site at:  /course/view.php?id=62

All performers need to:

  • check the schedule to ensure there are no conflicts in their act(s) (eg: if they are in two acts that they have time to change, etc)
  • if they have supporting music, that they talk to Mr. Caley soon about ensuring we have a copy (ie: we don't play music off phones!)
  • that performers attend the upcoming meeting on Thursday (listen to this week's announcements)

Continue to practice! 

Please keep us informed if there are any difficulties that you need to discuss.