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Strike Update

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Strike Update
by Kal Russell - Thursday, 4 September 2014, 10:32 AM

Strike Update and Information for Parents re Resources


We wanted to update parents on the current strike situation. Please continue to check both our school and district websites and NSMS Twitter Account for information.


Friday, September 5th  Study Session


We have received word from the Saanich Teachers' Association that on Friday, September 5th STA members will not be mounting picket lines in the district.  


NSMS will have administrators and support staff in the building, but we will not have the staff needed to safely deal with students and therefore request that parents not send their children to school.  We will be answering the phones and helping parents with administrative work.


Supporting Learning – Middle and Secondary

Message from Assistant Superintendent Mark Fraser and Middle and Secondary Principals and Vice-Principals:


Many of our schools are receiving requests to provide students with textbooks or other learning resources.  At this time we are not able to provide any students with these resources. Even if CUPE staff are present as may be the case on Friday, schools do not have the required staff to manage the distribution process which normally takes a number of days to coordinate and requires teachers’ presence to ensure appropriate resources are provided.


In terms of supporting learning, we encourage parents and students to visit the public library and other community organizations that can provide students with a variety of learning resources.  Additionally, listed below are some on-line resources that parents and students can access.  In some cases students may need to create an account so we encourage parents to be involved in the process.


All of our neighbourhood schools have web pages with a link to their Learning Commons under the Resources tab.  The Learning Commons page has links to a variety of resources and curricular areas.  Please explore other District schools, in particular the secondary schools, as each has slightly different links and resources.  To quickly access each school, from the District home page ( click "Schools" and then "School Listing."


We will continue to update this information as other resources become known or available. As noted above, on-line resources include: