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Antigen Test Distribution

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Antigen Test Distribution
by Steve Newlove - Thursday, 3 March 2022, 9:58 AM

Hello Parents/Guardians,

We have received our supply of Artron antigen tests for students.  We plan to distribute them tomorrow at the end of the day for students to take home.  Each student will receive a box with 5 antigen tests for COVID-19 rapid testing at home.  Instructions are included in the box.  

Here is a link to the BCCDC document for more information:  We have received the Artron type test kits.

If you would prefer to pick up the box of tests rather than have your child bring it home (to ensure it gets to you safely and intact), please e-mail your child's homeroom teacher, and it will be labelled and ready for pick up in the office.  Please respond by Friday at 12 pm if you would like to pick up the box rather than have your child bring it home.

Thank you,

Steve Newlove