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Student Learning Survey

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Student Learning Survey
by David Mark - Wednesday, 26 January 2022, 2:42 PM

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Dear Grade 7 Parents:

Re:  2021-22 Ministry of Education Electronic Anonymous Student Learning Survey

North Saanich Middle School is participating in the 2021-22 Ministry of Education Electronic Anonymous Student Learning Survey.  We are asking parents of grade 7 students to take a few minutes and complete an online survey.  We use the information from these surveys to help us select the goals and future directions of our school.  

To complete the survey:

  • Go to any computer that has up-to-date internet browser access.  Go to the Ministry website

  • Scroll Down to the Parent Section

  • On the Direct Access Side – Select 63 Saanich (District) and North Saanich Middle School

  • Complete the 5-minute survey  

  • Once you have completed the survey please send an email to saying the survey is completed and your child’s name and we will place your child’s name into a draw box for a prize.  

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete a survey.  The parent input gathered in these surveys is very valuable to the school planning process.  Students in grade 7 completed a similar survey during the week of January 31 - February  4, 2022.


David Mark