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NSMS Health and Safety

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NSMS Health and Safety
by David Mark - Monday, 10 January 2022, 1:12 PM


January 10, 2022


ÍY, ȻNES QENOṈE ṮÁ- it's good to see you all

We wanted to thank everyone for ensuring that we had a very safe and respectful start at NSMS. Here is the link to the Health and Safety presentation that we shared with all of our students and staff this morning. We would appreciate your continued support and vigilance in ensuring that the entire NSMS Learning Community follows these expectations at all times, including completing the Daily Health Check and staying at home if you have any of the key symptoms or any of the other symptoms.  Students should come with a mask each morning and have a spare one available if needed.

Take care and please stay safe.



David Mark                                         Steve Newlove
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