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Keeping Parents Up-to Date for September

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Keeping Parents Up-to Date for September
by Doug Caley - Friday, 18 September 2020, 2:03 PM

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Sept. 18, 2020


Re: Keeping Parents Up-to Date for September

Dear Parents and Guardians: 

It has been a very busy and unusual start to the year.  We continue to learn how to support student learning under our current conditions.  Many of our students are back in class, but a significant group are choosing remote learning for the time being.  These remote learners may be rejoining our school community later in the fall.   

We met with all our students yesterday in cohorts to explain our school expectations and talk about the upcoming year.  Although we have fewer options than in the past, we will be working hard to make school a learning environment where students can thrive academically and socially.  Here are some things that are happening in our school this month:

  • - This staff video was created to introduce our staff to our student body.  It is also a nice way for us to share our faces with our parent community.  

  • Meet the Teacher Opportunity - All our teachers will be inviting you to an MS TEAMS conference call to give you an overview of their class, introduce themselves and share ways that you can connect with them in the future.  I hope you can make one of the times work in your schedule. Otherwise please set up a time to meet with your teacher either on MS TEAMS, by phone or in person at a time when the school is quiet. The majority of these meetings will take place on the Early Closure Days.

  • Early School Closure Days are Wednesday Sept. 23 and Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020.  School is dismissed at 1:55 PM.  Buses will need the bus lane , so please leave that area open for them to park. This time is for teachers to connect with their students' families.  

  • Photo Day - Friday, Sept, 25, 2020.  Our photographers have COVID safe protocols in place.

  • Playground Equipment - We have ordered soccer balls, basketballs, frisbee and football for each division to use on the playground at lunch and recess, so students will have the opportunity to be more active.  

  • School Expectations - We reviewed our school expectations for behaviour with students this week.  Our basic rules are be safe, be respectful and be purposeful.  Teachers will also be talking about the linked Saanich Middle School Codes of Citizenship.  The district code matches up with our school expectations.  

  • First Monday Assembly - In an attempt to maintain a sense of school community we will be live streaming a school assembly every Monday morning into classrooms via MS TEAMS.  Additionally, our staff has a Spirit Committee that is planning school wide activities that create a positive sense of school community and fun.  Go Hawks!

  • COVID - 19 Safety Restart Plan for Students - Linked here is the safety plan shared with our students at the orientation day.  

  • Daily Health Check - We appreciate your help with doing a daily health check with your children before they come to school each day.  

It is very nice to have students back at school.  We will continue to work as a NSMS staff to find ways to create a climate where students can thrive.  


Kal Russell