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Pink Shirt Day: Wednesday, February 26

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Pink Shirt Day: Wednesday, February 26
by Doug Caley - Monday, 27 January 2020, 10:11 AM

NSMS Supports Anti-Bullying:

Now a movement celebrated across the globe, Pink Shirt Day has humble beginnings. It was inspired by an act of kindness in small-town Nova Scotia.

After David and Travis’ act of kindness, the idea has only grown each year, with worldwide support and participation. Countries across the globe are now organizing anti-bullying fundraisers of their own, including Japan, New Zealand, China, Panama, and numerous others. In fact, last year alone, people in almost 180 countries shared their support of Pink Shirt Day through social media posts and donations.

As the Pink Shirt Day movement grows each year, we see more and more people practicing kindness – both online and off.

Please join us on Wednesday, February 26, by wearing pink!