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Showcase Tickets

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Showcase Tickets
by Doug Caley - Monday, 8 April 2019, 1:38 PM

Tickets for Showcase go on Sale tomorrow - Tuesday, April 9, at LUNCH time. 

  • Available
    • Before School:  from the office sales Students (except this Tuesday) - beside the Office.  Please wait for the students to be available.
    • Lunch Time:  in the Atrium
    • After School:  from Jessica in the Office
  • Price:
    • $5 each
    • Family pack of 3 or 4 for $10
    • Greater than 4:  Please see Mrs. Jones, Mr. Caley or Mrs. Tamburino
  • Seats are ASSIGNED:  That is, every ticket has a row and number on it; please buy early for the best seats.