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Mrs. Bugeaud – Retirement

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Mrs. Bugeaud – Retirement
by Kal Russell - Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 10:24 AM

Mrs. Bugeaud – Retirement 

On June 1, 2018, Mrs. Bugeaud will be retiring after spending the last 13 years as the Head Secretary at North Saanich.  She has spent 22 years in the public education system providing excellent service to our children, school and community.

Mrs. Bugeaud began as a French Educational Assistant working at Parkland, Keating and North Saanich Schools in 1996.  She quickly moved into the office where she worked as the Receptionist before taking over as Head Secretary.  Since that time she has quietly worked behind the scenes to make sure that budgets are balanced, students are in classes, staff are paid and the school is running efficiently.  

Nine years ago she started bringing in her dog, Booker, on Fridays.  Booker has become a fixture in our school.  Students visit him for breaks or take him for walks when he is here.  He makes our school office and school a welcoming place.  

Mrs. Bugeaud’s expertise in managing the school office has left North Saanich in a wonderful position.  When we leave a place or job we always want to leave it better than we found it.  Mrs. Bugeaud has done that at NSMS.  She leaves behind a well-equipped school that has a balanced and healthy budget.  She has developed routines and procedures at North Saanich that will allow us to continue to run smoothly in the future.  She is every NSMS staff member’s go-to person!  

NSMS will miss Mrs. Bugeaud’s strong accounting skills, organizational talents and leadership.  But more importantly, we will miss her infectious smile and laugh, her ability to support our staff and her passion for North Saanich.  She is a true Hawk Leader!  

Mrs. Bugeaud has many plans for the future including spending more time with her family and paddling.  In July this summer, Mrs. Bugeaud will represent Canada at the World Championships. We know she will represent our country as well as she has represented our school.   

Best of luck in your retirement, Mrs. Bugeaud. North Saanich Middle School and our community thank you for all your years of hard work and your commitment to our students and school. We will miss you! And remember once a Hawk always a Hawk!