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Thursday, January 25, 2018

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Thursday, January 25, 2018
by Jessica Tamburino - Thursday, 25 January 2018, 8:57 AM


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Any grade 7 students who have not completed the Satisfaction Surveys can come to the Computer Lab today during advisory.

Div. 1 - Ethan Lebanc, Rowan McTavish, Josh Mendoza, Bella Castillo, Lanna Norris, Scott Davidson

Div. 2 - Holly Sloman

Div. 4 - Lucas Holt

Div. 5 - Evan Maude

Div. 7 - Coltin Ricahrdson

Div. 9 - Logan Brech, Talia Henry

Div. 10 - Andre Underwood, MacKenzie Robb

Div. 14 - Breanna Littlejohns


6/7 Boys Volleyball - permission forms for next week's game are available from Mrs. Jones.  Please pick one up and return it to her ASAP!

Grade 8 boys you have a meeting in the computer lab after the eating period.  


Students who are interested in auditioning for speaking roles in our production need to ensure they are practicing and preparing one of the two script sheets.  Be sure to practice all 4 parts on your Audition Script - you may be asked to perform any or all the parts.  Audition scripts, forms, and sign-up can all be found on the bulletin board outside the LC.  



There is a meeting after school today on the stage.



Star Wars club will be meeting to discuss everything Star Wars and Force related on Fridays at lunch in room 202. Bring your lunch and we will watch cool videos, discuss fan theories and check out games. May the Force be with You.



  • Nuckle Heads vs Can't Touch This  (elimination game!)

  • The Killers vs Gorpdeglue   (elimination game!)

  • Dodging Ducks vs The Dodgers   (elimination game!)

  • Metalistes vs Unicorn Killers   (elimination game!)

  • Hip to be Square vs Spider Monkeys

  • Egg rolls vs SPMJ

  • The Stars vs PBNJ

  • Deking Dodgers vs Eh Team

We usually get through 6 games during a lunch activity period so the last 4 teams should cross their fingers!