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From Island Health: Pertussis at NSMS

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From Island Health: Pertussis at NSMS
by Doug Caley - Wednesday, 22 November 2017, 8:30 AM


Nov.21, 2017


Dear Parent:


The purpose of this letter is to let you know there has been a case of Pertussis at North Saanich Middle School. Children in the school may have come in contact with the Pertussis germ, which is spread by coughing.


Pertussis begins with mild cold-like symptoms and may progress to a severe cough with a whoop, which may be followed by vomiting. Whooping cough can be a very serious disease in young children, particularly those under one year of age.


If you or any of your children develop a persistent cough, or coughing to the point of gagging or vomiting, please contact your family doctor. Other germs can also cause severe coughing. If you take your child to your doctor, please ask to have a special throat swab taken to check for the presence of the Pertussis germ. The special nasopharyngeal swab (not a regular throat swab) can be done by your family doctor.


If your child is diagnosed with Pertussis, antibiotic treatment is needed. After being on antibiotic treatment for five days cases are no longer infectious and your child can return to school. If you are visiting your doctor, we suggest you take this letter with you.


If you are reporting your child’s absence from school please indicate whether it is for medical reasons and what symptoms the child is experiencing.


A Health File on Pertussis is attached for your information.


For more information contact the school Public Health Nurse at:



Health Unit


Telephone Number


530 Fraser Street, Victoria



2170 Mt. Newton X Road, Saanichton


Southern Gulf Islands

(Toll free line)



2nd floor, 3995 Quadra Street, Victoria



#104 – 6672 Wadams Way, Sooke



1947 Cook Street, Victoria


Victoria Immunization Clinic


1947 Cook Street, Victoria



West Shore

345 Wale Road, Langford


Salt Spring Island

#1 – 137 Crofton Road, Salt Spring Island

250- 538-4880


Please also make sure your children are up-to-date with Pertussis immunization