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Stuck in the Middle: New Clothes

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Stuck in the Middle: New Clothes
by Kal Russell - Friday, 27 January 2017, 2:20 PM

Stuck in the Middle: New Clothes

January is a great month for learning.  Students and teachers are rejuvenated after a two week Winter Break and since teachers already have their classroom routines established, have built positive relationships with their students and know their learning styles, we can assume that everyone can get right down to learning.  Yet in addition to getting back to learning, middle school students also have to go through the post-holiday routine of checking out everyone’s new clothes.

Now students are not the only ones that often come back in January with a new outfit.  One of the traditions in my family, since I started teaching, is that my mom and dad purchase me a new shirt and tie for Christmas. They go out shopping together, place a bunch of shirts out and then spend some time matching their favorite shirt up with a nice tie. Not only do I appreciate getting a new shirt and tie, but I am also touched by the time they spend picking out an outfit they believe will make me look sharp, stylish and principal worthy.   

My dad, who was also a school principal, believes that dressing professionally at school helps set a positive tone.  A school is a place of business and that we are all expected to take school and learning seriously.  He was also always very aware of current styles of the time and he wanted to look fashionable. When I was a kid he would often talk about how easy it was to pick out the wrong tie for a shirt.  His expression was always that there is a fine line in fashion between having Sartorial Splendor in your outfit and looking like Bozo the Clown.  

This last week I was finally able to wear my new shirt and tie without a sweater.  The new styles are bolder and brighter than in the past few years and my new shirt and tie match this trend.  I was preparing for the Bozo the Clown comment.  Instead, when I walked into Mr. Chambers class I was greeted with  “Mr. Russell’s blends in perfectly with our blue and green topographic map projects!”.  Remember it is a fine line.

When Mr. Greaves questioned the tie and shirt combination I was worried, but the classes’ fashion aficionados stepped in and disagreed with him.  I mean, come on Mr. Greaves, dressing up means more than wearing a Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawk jersey.  

My mom and dad will be pleased to know that even as they move into their 80’s, the middle school students, still think their taste in style falls on the side of Sartorial Splendor! 

At North Saanich Middle School, January is a great time for learning. It is also a great time to  show off your new shirt and tie. 

Go Hawks!

Sartorial Splendor - In English the adjectives sartorial and sartorially are used to refer to any matter pertaining to the consideration of clothing or fashion.