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Stuck in the Middle

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Stuck in the Middle
by Kal Russell - Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 10:44 AM

Stuck in the Middle: The Mystery of Classic Literature

Last week at North Saanich Middle School all our students took the Tell Them from Me: My School survey.  This survey is  completed by all Saanich middle and secondary schools as well as hundreds of other  schools across the country.  We use the data collected to drive school goals and initiatives as part of our school planning process.  We compare our students’ responses with students across the country to make sure that  the decisions we make have data to support them.  

While administering these survey I walk around the room answering questions and supporting the students.  As I was working with one class, a grade 6 sitting on the far side of the room called me over to ask me a question.  Very politely he said, “Mr. Russell I don’t understand this question.  The question says, At home, do you have Classic Literature (eg. Shakespeare)?”

“What don't you understand?”  I replied.

“I don’t know what Classic Literature is and I have never heard of Shakespeare,” was his response.

I went on to explain that Classic Literature is literature or books written a long time ago and that they were so well written that people continue to read and enjoy them today.

As I finished explaining my definition of Classic Literature he turned and without hesitation clicked “yes” on the survey and said to me, “We have Classic Literature at my house.  We have the Hardy Boys.”   He then quickly moved on to the next question.  

Frank and Joe Hardy would be happy to announce that the mystery of defining Classic Literature has been solved at North Saanich Middle School.  

Go Hawks!