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NSMS Triathlon

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NSMS Triathlon
by Doug Caley - Thursday, 15 October 2015, 8:41 AM

NSMS has it's 29th ANNUAL TRIATHLON this month!

Tuesday, October 27th: Swim Blocks 3 & 4 Panorama Rec Centre
Friday, October 30th: Run & Bike Blocks 1 & 2 Sandown Race Area

Team Rules:

  • All team members must be from the same division.
  • The team may include boys & girls.
  • An individual may swim for a team as well as compete as an individual.
  • A swimmer's time may be used more than once.
  • All cyclists MUST wear a helmet.
  • All participants must wear PE strip.
  • All runners must display the swim time on their arm – to be done by home room teacher.

Route Familiarization

PE classes will go to Sandown prior to October 30 run the course so that there is no confusion.

Tuesday October 27th Swim: 50 metres

  • Grade 6 & 7s load the bus at 12:00 and return by 2:00
  • Grade 8's load the bus at 12:30 and return to the school by 2:30

Friday October 30th Bike & Run Events begin at 9:45

  • Students will meet at the Hawk's Nest to be escorted to the race
  • Grade 6 & 7 runners & bikers meet at 9:30
  • Grade 8 runners & bikers meet at 10:30