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Showcase Acts Schedules

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Showcase Acts Schedules
by Doug Caley - Thursday, 9 April 2015, 10:37 AM

 The tentative acts schedules will be posted on Friday, April 10 , shortly after lunch time.  All performers (excluding Band & Choir) need to attend a short meeting at lunch in the LC to discuss Performance & Rehearsal times.  Immediately following the meeting, the schedules will be posted outside of the LC as well as on our web page:


  • Performers need to be available for the Rehearsals for their Performance.  Please check the rehearsal schedules at:
  • Please check your Act time for conflicts such as:
    • you CAN'T attend a rehearsal
    • you CAN'T attend the evening performance
    • you are in another act immediately before or after your act and can't get prepared between
    • or other reason that you NEED to have your act moved
  • If you NEED to have your act moved, please see Mrs. McNee or Mr. Caley as soon as possible.  Late notice may result in your act being removed from the schedules.