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Viking Cup & Spring Break!

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Viking Cup & Spring Break!
by Doug Caley - Wednesday, 25 February 2015, 11:06 AM

With Spring Break just around the corner, plans for Viking Cup are well under way.  The Grade 8 Students will play against the staff in our annual hockey game at Panorama Arena on Friday, March 6, starting at 12:20 p.m.  The Grade 8's will face a fiercely competitive team led by Rocket Russell, and backstopped by Jonesy the Wall.  Odds makers are seeing the staff as an overwhelming favorite to end the current winning streak enjoyed by the Grade 8's.  With both size & speed on their side, the staff are sure to be a formidable challenge for their younger & smaller opponents. Parents are welcome to come out to join the '7th player' and maybe help the students obtain a close result!  The game starts at 12:20 & ends around 1:40.

Immediately following Viking Cup we start Spring Break.  Students living in the Dean Park area may walk home directly from the Panorama Arena if they have previous parental consent (permission forms should have gone home on Tuesday).  All other students will be bused back to NSMS for dismissal at 1:55 (it's an Early Dismissal day).  

We look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday, March 23.