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School Bike League Registration

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School Bike League Registration
by Doug Caley - Monday, 23 February 2015, 10:20 AM
Join the SBL!
BikeJam - an all day event on April 8 which includes professional coaches & an Airbag!  You'll get a little training in 7 types of biking - from road to track, from BMX to Downhill Mountain Biking.  AND, best of all - you miss a day of school!
After BikeJam, you can whether or not you want to be in any of the races.  There are 8 different races: Downhill, Cross Country, Enduro, Cyclocross, BMX, Freeride Threeride, Cyclocross, Road Race & Track Race (velodrome).  You can ride all of them, pick a few that you want to try, or decide not to race. 
3 groups - Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced - open to grades 6, 7 & 8.  You've never raced before?  That's OK - that's what the Beginner's group is all about.  We want new members to join in the fun.
It all begins on Wednesday - it's REALLY important that you get the paperwork complete.  So, come to a short meeting at recess (that's recess, not lunch time) on the stage.  You'll get the paperwork that let's you ride at BikeJam, and then you decide whether or not to join the races afterwords.