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October 31st Activities at NSMS

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October 31st Activities at NSMS
by Doug Caley - Tuesday, 29 October 2013, 9:28 AM

Periods 1 & 2:

NSMS 2013 Triathlon Thursday October 31st Run/Bike

Students need to wear appropriate clothing for triathlon, bring helmets if they are biking and dress warmly for before and after races. There will be an area at Sandown for students to place their clothing for storage while they are competing.

Bike Storage: Bikes should be taken to the Basketball Courts before school (the courts will be locked and off limits for the day).


Participating students will walk with their classes to Sandown: 

  • Advisory: 6/7’s meet at the Hawks Nest by 9:30 and start walking over to Sandown

  • 10:00 Start Race for 6/7’s

  • Grade 8’s – normal advisory and most of block 1

  • Grade 8’s: 10:30 walk over to Sandown

  • Finish 11:15 – all depart to walk back to NSMS

  • Lunch will be at our regular time of 11:52

Period 3:

School-Wide Contests:

Students will be with their homeroom divisions in the gymnasium for school wide activities including:  a costume contest & staff vs. student relay race. 

Periods 4:

Halloween Activities

Students may participate in a variety of activities (chosen in advance by each student).  Activities include:  games in the gym, board games, computer games, woodshop, ping pong, Lego, Stop Motion computer animation.