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Grade 8 Farewell

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Grade 8 Farewell
by David Mark - Tuesday, 28 June 2022, 9:00 AM

Last night's Grade 8 Farewell was a wonderful event. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to gather together as a group and celebrate an important educational milestone for our grade eight students.

A huge thank you to Christina Smith and our grade 8 parent volunteers who organized, set up and helped out. Thanks as well to our NSMS PAC for their support of this important event. Thank you to the many NSMS staff members who came to spend some time with our students. And finally, thank you to our students for being so fantastic last night. 

We want to wish all our grade 8’s a relaxing and safe summer and all the best in high school next year. Where ever the next chapter of your education takes you...please remember "One a Hawk...Always a Hawk".

David Mark and Steve Newlove