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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015
by Jessica Tamburino - Tuesday, 12 May 2015, 8:34 AM

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Morning Announcements for

Monday, May 11, 2015

The following students need to see Mr. Caley briefly during advisory this morning: Eric Meyers, Zach Young, Jaden Waring, Kiara Hosie.

Art Display:

Any students who would like to have their artwork displayed at showcase please drop it off to Mrs. Tamburino in the office.  GO HAWKS!

Gr. 6/7 Drama:

Ms. Moore's Drama students - we will be meeting in the LC for all of your drama blocks this week. Please bring your drama duotang and a pencil.


Tuesday Lasagna and Chicken Caesar Wraps, volunteers Sarah and Ana. Wednesday's $5.00 combo Spaghetti, juice and brownie, volunteers Melissa and Kaitlyn. Thursday's $5.00 combo Hotdog, Chips, Juice and treat, volunteers David and Quinn.

Sidney Elementary Spring Fling:

We are looking for student volunteers to help on the evening of June 5th Please see Mrs. Tamburino in the office to sign up.

Track & Field:

There will only be ONE practice after school this week on Wednesday. Both Ms. Wheatley and Mrs. Carruthers will be there to support you with your event. If you are planning on doing a relay at next week's Meet at UVic, all 4 runners should be at this practice. High jumpers...please meet in the gym at 8:15 am on Wednesday.

Tech Crew:

All Tech Crew that are in the Tech Crew Act for Showcase need to meet at Lunch time today in the LC for a rehearsal.

Tech Crew members that are running Thursday's Showcase Performance have a Rehearsal after school today in the MPR.  Please make sure that you find 30 minutes sometime today to get prepared.  That can be during Advisory, part of a period (with your teacher's agreement, of course) or during the Lunch Activity period (if you are NOT in the Tech Crew Act).  You need to ensure that all your equipment is working, that your headset, flashlight, act list, etc. are ready, that you know your job, and so forth.  Make sure you see Mr. Caley while you are preparing.

Showcase Performers: 

We're Nearly There!  Today's after school rehearsal is for all Thursday's Acts.  Our first 2 rehearsals went well and were completed by 5:00 both nights.  On Wednesday we have Two Performances:  The Wednesday Dress Rehearsal during periods 1 & 2, and the evening performance beginning at 7:00 p.m.  All Performers need to bring their costumes, musical instruments, props, etc to the Dress Rehearsal in the morning.  During Advisory, all Performance Band, Band 6 and Choir members need to go to the Band Room.  All other performers need to go to the LC during Advisory.  Further directions will be given at that time. 

All Tech Crew members helping with the Wednesday Performances need to go to the stage during Advisory

.A reminder to all dancers performing Youth and Waka Waka in showcase that they have a practice at 8:15 Wednesday. All dancers must be there to ensure spacing. Thank-you!