Topic outline


    UPCOMING EVENTS:  (details below)

    • Viking Cup
    • Showcase


    Viking Cup:  Friday, March 17 at Panorama

    Leave:  1 hour before the game.  Eat lunch at Panorama

    Post Game:  clean up & move equipment back to NSMS in time for the buses.

    Laptop (Music)

    Sound Mixer

    Video Camera

    Digital Camera


    Likely Members: Adia, Calvin, Octavian, Chris N, Isaac


    Showcase:  Details subject to change.

    May 4-12.  Setup May 4 (rough) & 8 (Pro-D: full set up).  Tear out:  May 12.

    Rehearsals:  after school M, T & W.


    Show 1: Wednesday Morning & Evening

    Show 2: Thursday Afternoon & Evening.


    Lead Hand




    Lead Hand



    Lead Hand






    Video 1 (floor)

    Video 2 (stage)

    Picture (roaming)


      The Tech Crew  name comes from the work we do: the technical (and often non-technical) jobs required for the smooth running of many school events, on and off stage. Members are trained and get experience using a variety of both still and video digital cameras, a number of sound systems, 2 lighting systems, and sometimes get the opportunity to work backstage during performances.

      We support many school functions, including (but not limited to): the Halloween Social, the Triathlon, the Remembrance Day Ceremony, Band Concerts, the Winter Social, and Viking Cup. A small group of volunteers also comes in a little early on Monday mornings to set up and run the sound/video equipment for our weekly assemblies.

      Tech Crew is an all-year club that meets twice a week – Mondays at Recess in the Computer Lab, and Thursdays from 3:10 to 4:10 on the Stage. The Monday meetings are organizational, sometimes taking all of recess, sometimes taking mere moments. Thursday meetings are the training meetings as well as the organizational meetings for large events. Attendance is taken at meetings, and counts directly towards who gets first choice when the time comes to choose jobs for events.

      While many events occur during school time, and require their subject area teacher to grant permission for students to miss class, others occur after school and will require a parent's/guardian's permission. Permission forms normally come out the week before the event.

      Commitment to Tech Crew is important for this to be a successful experience for a student. It is through regular attendance at meetings that knowledge & experience are gained, and opportunities to get last minute jobs occur. A student's enthusiasm towards Tech Crew is noted at meetings, and rewarded during performances. It is often Tech Crew's job to support performers in front of a large crowd, and is therefore important that members are able to positively support those performers, and not leave them flustered by allowing technical issues.