• General Information

    Showcase is our semi-annual talent show.  There are two evening performances with somewhat different acts in each.  Students with a performance talent are encouraged to put together a short (3 or 4 minute) act and then come to the auditions.  When necessary, our staff will help get interested performers fine tuned for their time on stage!  The types of acts vary widely.  Many students will choose to sing, dance, or play an instrument - either alone or in a small group.  We usually have a couple of rock bands, some skits (ie: drama), and a few showcasing other talents - for example: soccer ball juggling, juggler(s), karate, magic, etc.  We welcome any act demonstrating a performance talent accompanied by a degree of skill (ie: we don't want anyone embarrassed on stage).

    Every act will be seen at least twice - once during a Dress Rehearsal in front of some of our classes, and then that evening in a Performance open to the public.  The evening performance has a small entrance fee - just to cover our costs.  It's our intention that families see their children perform, so the fee can be negotiated.  Please note that we have 200 seats - seating is limited.

    • Tickets

      Tickets for Showcase go on sale on Tuesday, April 9.  We will have a ticket table at lunch (location t.b.a.).  Tickets may be purchased before school at the office. 

      This year we are selling tickets BY ROW AND NUMBER!  The best seats will sell fast!  We are limited by fire regulation and so have only 200 tickets per show.  Be sure to buy early so not to be disappointed!

      Tickets are only $5 per seat or a family pack of 3 or 4 tickets for $10. 

      • Information for Performers

        Following the auditions, you will be notified if your act has been accepted or if you need to re-audition.  Re-auditions occur when an act needs more preparation.  This isn't a bad thing, it simply means that with a little more work, and maybe some help from a teacher, your act will be ready to go.

        Once the acts are set, a tentative schedule will be posted.  It will indicate which night(s) you are scheduled for, and which rehearsals you need to attend.  Some acts may be asked to perform both nights if those performers would like to. 

        Rehearsals are not the time to perfect your act.  You need to take the time between the Auditions and the Rehearsals to practice and get ready.  The rehearsals are intended to help you get familiar with the performance space, the equipment you'll be using, the lighting, etc.  It also gives the stage hands a chance to practice their jobs so that they can do a good job supporting you while you perform. 

        So, Rehearsals are mandatory.  Once the tentative schedule is posted, be sure to make note of when you are expected to be on stage for rehearsals & performances.  If you CAN NOT make a rehearsal or performance, you need to contact Mrs. McNee or Mr. Caley IMMEDIATELY so that we can try to re-schedule you into the other performance.

        You need to come to Rehearsals completely ready to perform.  Music (eg: mp3) needs to have been submitted in advance (you will be notified about when & how to do this).  You need to be in costume, with EVERYTHING you need to perform, as if this was the final performance.

        While the Auditions are private, the Rehearsals are open to the other Performers (not the whole student body!).  So expect a small audience of performers for your rehearsals (no, friends are not allowed for rehearsals).  If you are part of that audience, please support your fellow performers in the same way you hope they will support you.  Please be quiet & respectful while they perform.  This also helps our stage hands who need to be able to communicate through the rehearsals.

        Your Dress Rehearsal will come on the same day as your evening Performance.  Dress Rehearsals occur during the school day in front of an audience of about 1/2 of the school.  That evening will be the real thing!  200 paying audience members to see and hear you perform! 

        • Performance Calendar

          Here is our Tentative Calendar

          (Dress Rehearsal times may vary)

          Wednesday =  Pink

          Thursday =  Blue


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