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    What's Up with Div 9:

    Most students are on track to finish up their work this week.  Please check in with your student to make sure they are feeling ok about getting it all done.  A permission form went home today for a field trip to Tod Inlet following Spring Break.  If we can get these back before Friday - it would be awesome!

    Already on Team Awesome:  Jackson, Danielle, Sumiko, Quin, Gabby, Graydon, Li Na, Aidan, Nathon, and Sam. 

    This week's To Do list: (all work is due by Thursday March 16)

    • Where's the Science - find a partner and make a video - planning page to be handed in
      • more information for this assignment can be found in your Google drive (stuff from Mrs. Jones/Chemistry)
      • Students have been clearly told on many occasions that they must have parental permission/supervision and that safety is the first priority.  Most of the activities are harmless but please check in with your child about their plans to ensure they are being safe and only using supplies/ingredients that you approve of.
    • BOM Final assignment - choose an activity from the choices on your Google drive (stuff from Mrs. Jones/BOM)
    • Hominid paragraph - you are to write a complete paragraph about your choice of a hominid group or an advancement that improved survival.  Be sure to use your rubric to guide your writing and have a peer edit your work.  Rubrics can be found in your Google drive (stuff from Mrs. Jones/Writing) You will need to hand in a hard copy with the rubric AND share your work with me on Google.
    • Skill Builder corrections all up to date


    • Viking Cup permission forms need to be returned as soon as possible
    • Tod Inlet permission forms due back by Friday April 7 (at the latest).

     GO HAWKS!

    You can reach me by email at mjones@sd63.bc.ca

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    CHEMISTRY: What we're working on . . .

    Properties of Matter:

    Today we explored what happens to the temperature as ice (solid) changes to water (liquid), and as water (liquid) changes to water vapour (gas).  To follow up, your assignment is to:

    • watch the BrainPop on "States of Matter" AND "Matter Changing State"
    • take the Review Quiz and email your results to your teacher (Mrs. Jones or Ms. Carruthers)


    Now that you have done some research about your chosen element, you will be creating a poster advertising its importance to the world.  Your poster may be hand-drawn or created on the computer.  The criteria page for this assignment has been shared to your Google Drive.

    Use the link below to watch the BrainPops on 

    • Atoms
    • Periodic Table of Elements

    Play the Element game to learn some of the periodic table

    Check out the links on the KidZone of the Science Spot for more information about elements

    The Periodic Table Videos are awesome!  Check them out for some experiments that I can't do in class . . .




    The Let's Talk Science Challenge is coming . . .

    When?  May 2017  - Wednesday May 16 

    What is it?

    • A full day of science, technology, engineering and math -- all wrapped up in fun and excitement! 
    • The Let's Talk Science Challenge is a free science enrichment event for Grades 6, 7 and 8 students across Canada. This event includes an exciting question and answer competition with a fun, hands-on design challenge that inspires students to acquire science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) knowledge beyond their curriculum.

    What do I need to do?

    • check out the website below and download (but don't print - it's huge) the handbook.
    • start studying . . . and KEEP studying!


    Survival Skills main idea page

    • read through the handout about Cool Survival Skills
    • choose ONE section to re-read
    • use the graphic organizer to make notes about the main idea and supporting details for this section

    Survivor Profile - complete the profile page using the following criteria

    • name
    • at least 2 items in each area
    • use words AND images
    • neatly done (no writing in pencil)
    • colour / WOW factor
    • detail
    • honest

    I AM A SURVIVOR title page

    • needs a bold, beautiful title - with colour
    • your name
    • 2 examples to illustrate YOUR understanding of survival right now
      • words/phrases
      • images
      • questions
      • quote

    Needs vocabulary worksheet - fill in the information for Physical needs, Psychological needs and Group needs

    • Basic
      • copy definition from glossary
      • list examples from the book
    • Intermediate
      • either definition or examples are your own/other is copied from the text
    • Advanced
      • definition in your own words
      • examples are unique or creative (your own ideas)