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    What's Up with Div 9:  

    What a wonderful day for a hike!  We enjoyed being outside together and learning about the history of the land where we live.  Please be sure to ask your student about some of the experiences they had today - and about the learning that took place.

    Congratulations to this week's Team Awesome: Katelyn, Talia, Jackson, Logan, Josh, Quin, Sumiko, Rhys, Riley, Dylan, Kai, Zach, Cam, Chris D, Caleb, and Li Na. 

    We will soon be getting started on a final inquiry project for the year.  In order to have everyone ready to go, the focus for this week's To Do list is wrapping up some loose ends.  Please encourage your student to use their time to get things done - and to see me for help if they need it.  I am available every day . . . students just need to ask!

    This week's To Do list: (Due Monday, May 28)  

    • Skill Builder #4 (24): and all corrections 
    • Uploading work to FreshGrade
      • Rube Goldberg - core competencies reflection
      • Flex project - artifact, self-assessment, comment about what you discovered about yourself as a learner
      • Human Rights PSA - finished and uploaded


    • Track Meet #3 - Wednesday May 23
    • Save the Date - we will be hosting a Space Exploratorium during the evening of Tuesday, June 19th to showcase student learning here at NSMS. (this is that final project that I mentioned)  More details to come, but family and friends will be invited.  Hope to see you all there!

     GO HAWKS!

    You can reach me by email at mjones@sd63.bc.ca

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    multiplication basic facts - be sure to practice each week to improve on your Chocolate Bar Challenge results
    Place Value

    Review pages for all topics can be found below.


      The Let's Talk Science Challenge is coming . . .

      When?  May 2018  - Wednesday May 16 

      What is it?

      • A full day of science, technology, engineering and math -- all wrapped up in fun and excitement! 
      • The Let's Talk Science Challenge is a free science enrichment event for Grades 6, 7 and 8 students across Canada. This event includes an exciting question and answer competition with a fun, hands-on design challenge that inspires students to acquire science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) knowledge beyond their curriculum.

      What do I need to do?

      • check out the website below and download (but don't print - it's huge) the handbook.
      • complete an application form and return it to Mrs. Jones before February 16
      • start studying . . . and KEEP studying!