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    What's Up with Div 9:

    What a great day today in Div 9!  Everyone got lots of work done, we made up a new game (Hawk's Nest Plinko) and finished the day with some yoga.  The kids are getting excited about their upcoming ancient civilizations projects - I have attached links to the criteria pages below.  Please ask your student what their plan is for their museum exhibit - they may need some support with planning, problem solving and collecting supplies.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Already on Team Awesome:  Jackson, Danielle, Sophie, Olivia, and Rowan G.

    To Do list: (due Monday May 29)

    • May BOM -  read 3/4 of your book 
    • Skill Builders - #25 and all corrections up to date
    • YOUR chosen civilization: Mapping Assignment - see the criteria page in you Survival duotang
    • PE self-assessment
    • Flex - please sign up for a presentation time


    • Camp permission forms - I would really like the last few forms in by the end of next week.  
    • Track and Field Meet #4 on Wednesday, May 31

     GO HAWKS!

    You can reach me by email at mjones@sd63.bc.ca

    Division 9 Homework Page

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    CHEMISTRY: What we're working on . . .

    Properties of Matter:

    Today we explored what happens to the temperature as ice (solid) changes to water (liquid), and as water (liquid) changes to water vapour (gas).  To follow up, your assignment is to:

    • watch the BrainPop on "States of Matter" AND "Matter Changing State"
    • take the Review Quiz and email your results to your teacher (Mrs. Jones or Ms. Carruthers)


    Now that you have done some research about your chosen element, you will be creating a poster advertising its importance to the world.  Your poster may be hand-drawn or created on the computer.  The criteria page for this assignment has been shared to your Google Drive.

    Use the link below to watch the BrainPops on 

    • Atoms
    • Periodic Table of Elements

    Play the Element game to learn some of the periodic table

    Check out the links on the KidZone of the Science Spot for more information about elements

    The Periodic Table Videos are awesome!  Check them out for some experiments that I can't do in class . . .




    The Let's Talk Science Challenge is coming . . .

    When?  May 2017  - Wednesday May 16 

    What is it?

    • A full day of science, technology, engineering and math -- all wrapped up in fun and excitement! 
    • The Let's Talk Science Challenge is a free science enrichment event for Grades 6, 7 and 8 students across Canada. This event includes an exciting question and answer competition with a fun, hands-on design challenge that inspires students to acquire science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) knowledge beyond their curriculum.

    What do I need to do?

    • check out the website below and download (but don't print - it's huge) the handbook.
    • start studying . . . and KEEP studying!

    As you begin to explore your chosen ancient civilization - check out the websites linked on the Learning Commons page under Social Studies Resources.

    Below you will find a link to the time line video we watched together in class.