• Latest Updates & Homework

    Reminders & News for this week - 

    • Intramural Handball - our next game is tomorrow. Students will need gym strip even though they don't have PE tomorrow.
    • Great BC Shakeout - Thursday 10:20
    • Thursday is a 1:55 dismissal time. Buses will be here at that time for pick-up
    • Friday is a non-instructional day

    This week's To Do list:

    • October BOM Week 2 - submitted through Google Classroom 
    • Skill Builder #2 and SB#1 corrections 
    • Body Systems Cartoons - we began our new Science unit on body systems today. Students have a short related assignment to complete.
    • "Because Clause" practice - most students will complete this practice assignment in class. Grade 7s who are writing FSAs are excused from this assignment.
    • Angles Practice (Grade 6s only) - while the Grade 7s are completing some of their FSAs with Mrs. Jones, I am working with the Grade 6s on a mini-unit on angles. Students who did not complete the practice sheet in class today should finish it for homework so they are ready for our lesson next week.
    • Triathlon forms

    This Week's A-Team:

    Lots of students on Team Awesome this week. Way to go, Div. 6.

    Jaime, Dawson, Matteo, Lola, Ava, Mackenzie, Aidan, Olivia, Kyle, Kailey, Savannah, Jalen, Carys, Carl, Faye, Cameron, Keira, Jordyn, Liam, Mikah, Denby, Jacob, and Ashton.

    Upcoming Events:

    • NSMS Annual Triathlon & Halloween Social - October 31
    • Goldstream "Sleeping with the Salmon" - November 7/8 (more info and forms going home soon)


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