• Latest Updates & Homework

    Reminders & Information:

    • Gauss Math Contest - May 16th (Block 3). Students who have signed up should be working on past contests to prepare. Students will need a calculator - phones will not be permitted.
    • Field Trip to Centre of the Universe - May 16th (morning)
    • Field trip to Pat Bay for field work with the Friends of Shoal Harbour - May 17th. Permission form went home Friday. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! If you would like to spend the afternoon helping sTudents to dig, count and identify clams we'd love to have you. Whether you have an hour or all afternoon, I'd love to hear from you. Please email me.
    • Night Sky Viewing & BBQ May 17 (evening) - An information letter went home on Friday. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS TOO!   We will need help with set up and running the BBQ as well as clean-up. Of course our volunteers are welcome to stay and check out the other activities and look through the telescopes. Let me know if you'd like to join us.
    • Victoria Day - May 21
    • Indigenous Hike to Dean Park - May 22. Parents are welcome to meet us at Dean Park and join us for the hike and the story of the Great Flood at Pickles Bluff. Please let me know if you plan to attend.


    This week's To Do list:

    • Skill Builder 23 + corrections
    • Space in the News: instructions and links available on Google Classroom. Class time will be provided on Wednesday.
    • Post ONE poem to FreshGrade: Full instructions available on FreshGrade. Class time will be provided on Wednesday.
    • Human Rights PSA - finished and posted to FreshGrade with Reflection. Full instructions available on FreshGrade. 
    • SHOAL HARBOUR permission forms DUE THURSDAY at the latest

    This Week's A-Team:

    Dawson, Matteo, Ava, Mackenzie, Aidan, Olivia, Kailey, Faye, Cameron, Keira, Liam, Mikah, Denby and Jacob.

    Upcoming Events:

    • Track & field meet - May 10
    • Drop Dead Juliet school play - May 9 & 10
    • Track & field meet - May 14


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