• Latest Updates & Homework

    Reminders & Information:

    • Intramural Soccer - next is Thursday. 
    • Spirit Week - in the lead up to Friday's big game and the start of spring break, we will be celebrating kids who continue to make NSMS a safe, respectful, and purposeful place to be with special Spirit Tickets. Students who receive a ticket can drop in into the box at the office for a chance to win prized during the game on Friday.
    • Early Dismissal - students will be dismissed and the buses will be here to take students home as soon as everyone returns from Panorama at 1:55.

    This week's To Do list:

    • Skill Builder #18 corrections
    • Newton's Three Laws - This is a FreshGrade assignment. All instructions were explained in class and are on FreshGrade. 
    • Survey - this short survey about student's perceptions of learning challenge is available through Google Classroom. Most students completed the survey in class on Monday.
    • Explain Everything - Self-Assessment - 1. A hard copy of the provided rubric should be completed and handed in.   2. Click the "More" button on FreshGrade for comment instructions.
    • Forces & Motion Quiz - The quiz will be on Thursday. Students have received a study guide in class and it is also available on Google Classroom. When students write the quiz on Thursday they will also be asked to submit any study prep (e.g. study cards, review sheets, etc.) and all of their work from the unit.
    • Viking Cup permission form

    This Week's A-Team:

    Dawson, Ava, Mackenzie, Aidan, Olivia, Kailey, Jalen, Carl Keira, Denby, and Jacob.

    (Jaime, Matteo, Lola, and Jordyn have everything handed in and just need to upload their Explain Everything videos tomorrow.)

    Upcoming Events:

    • Viking Cup March 16
    • Spring Break & Easter - March 16 - April 3


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