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    Reminders & Information:

    • Museum Field Trip - students will arrive for school at the regular time and we will leave after attendance etc. We hope to be back by 3:00 but the traffic on the highway can be unpredictable. If you child is a bus student (especially if they ride one of the first buses) please have a Plan B in case they miss the bus. If creates a challenge for you please let me know and I'm sure we can figure something out. Students have been told that they are welcome to bring money for the concession at the IMAX but they understand that there is no guarantee that they will have time to purchase anything. 
    • MUSEUM PARKING - does anyone know of any good parking options reasonable close to the museum that does not cost a fortune? Please let me know if you do!
    • FreshGrade - I will be inviting parents to view their child's FreshGrade portfolio today. Please let me know if you don't receive the invite or have any trouble accessing the portfolio.


    This Week's TO DO List:

    • December BOM - choose a new book and record in reading duotang along with a Week 1 goal 
    • Skill Builder 7 & previous corrections 
    • Crystals Assessment & Rubric to FreshGrade 
    • Paragraph - Full instructions on Google Classroom. Paragraph and rubric should be submitted online through Classroom
    • December goal - new goal for our 3 weeks until the break
    • Math video to FreshGrade - students have been working on improving on one concept from our unit assessment and will be filming a short video this week to highlight the new learning they've gained or improvement they've made.

    Team Awesome for last week (everything on To Do list is completed/handed in):

    Div. 6 achieved a new record...19 students on Team Awesome this week! Goal for next week...20!

    Nasteha, Jack, Ava, Mackenzie, Olivia C, Will, Quinn, Kailey, Hayden, Bryn, Cameron, Romeo, Keira, Liam R, Madalyn, Sophia, and Chet.




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