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    Info for parents - I am including 2 attachments about upcoming parent education opportunities. One is about managing child and youth stress and the other is about adolescent sexual behaviour - both difficult but very relevant topics for middle school kids. The flyers may not be attached to this email...to view them, please click on the "See in context" link. Let me know if you have any trouble accessing them and I can email them directly to you.

    Week of February 14 - 20

    This week's To Do list:

    • BOM (February) Week 2. All students will be completing February's BOM work online. Students who do not have computer access at home can use Advisory time to complete this work. Students should be using my online comments to edit and improve last week's work before submitting their Week 2 response.
    • Skill Builder 16 & SB 15 Corrections
    • Hominids Foldable - students should be completing their notes this week and be ready to print off their foldable by Monday, Feb. 20 at the latest. There will be two work blocks this devoted to this assignment. Students who are worried about finishing in time should see me sooner than later to problem solve.
    • Writing - www.asia clause practice - most students completed this worksheet in class on Tuesday but any students who were absent or who did not finish will need to add this to their To Do list for the week.

    Last week's A-Team: Bernard, Jaime, Dawson, Matteo, Aidan, Olivia, Braydon, Savannah, Phoenix, Hailey, Logan, Jalen, Pritpal, Carys, Nick, Carl, Natalie, Jordyn, Faye, Abi, Denby, India, Jacob, and Shelden. (That's 24/28! Not bad for such a short week.)

    Other information/reminders: 

    • Special Presentation: Jellyfish Project - Monday, Feb. 20
    • French lunch orders are due Wednesday, Feb. 22
    • Pink Shirt Day - Wednesday, Feb. 22
    • Non-Instructional Day - Friday, Feb. 24
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    • Writing with Style

       We are working on writing sentences with some WOW!


      The BASIC tasks (must be done by EVERYONE):

      1.  For each set of 3 words, write a simple sentence.  (Remember to leave some space between each sentence so you have room for the next steps.)

      a) book           locked      sad   

      b) plane          keyboard        child

      c) fountain      footstep          fish

      2.  Replace at least one word in each sentence using more exciting words from your word lists in your LA Reference Book or a thesaurus.

      3.  Add an adjective or an adverb to your sentences (Check your LA Ref. Book if you can't remember what these are.)

      ADDITIONAL TASKS for Intermediate/Advanced

      4.  Add a dress-up to your sentence (See your LA Ref. Book for descriptions and examples of the different dress-ups.)

      5.  Start your sentences with something other than a subject starter (See your LA Ref. Book for descriptions and examples of the different sentence openers.)

        • Math

          For "Math Practice" resources (for completing checklists), please click on the link below for Mrs. Jones's homework page. Her math section contains links to all of the practice resources as well as extra practice and reviews.



        • Awesome Science

          We have begun our Chemistry unit in Science

          Please see Mrs. Jones' homework page for details about current assignments & related resources. (Click on link below)


        • Physical & Health Education

          Current Learning Goal:  You will be able to describe the positive health impacts of active living.

          Crossword, Word Search or Hidden Message Assignment

          BASIC: Simple Word Search with at least 10 words related to the topic. Your choice of words should demonstrate your understanding of the topic.

          INTERMEDIATE: Hidden Message (word search but the leftover letters make up a message related to the topic). Your choice of words and message should demonstrate your understanding of the topic.

          ADVANCED: Crossword. Your choice of words and clues should demonstrate your understanding of the topics.

          Need help getting started? Follow these steps to create your puzzle for your classmates:

          1. Choose at least 10 important words from your research on the benefits of active living (minimum 10)
          2. If doing a Hidden Message, you will need a message related to the topic. The letters that are left over when the word search is finished will spell your message.
          3. If doing a crossword, come up with a clue for each word
          4. Once you have your words (and message or clues) go to the link below to create your puzzle
          5. Print your puzzle and the answer key
          6. Write your name at the top and hand it in.


        • BOM

          October Week 4 Activity/Assignment:

          Task: Create a book review to share with other students looking for a good read.

          What to do:

          • Go to your google account and look in the "Div. 6 2016-2017" folder that has been shared with you. Inside that folder is another folder named BOM. Open the BOM folder to find 2 versions of the book report template.
          • If you want to hand-write your book review, print the version that has lines and get to work
          • If you want to do your work online, make a copy of the version without lines -this will save it to your drive and allow you to type your information right into the template.  Rename the document "October Book Review - (your name)"
          • Once you've entered your information, print it out
          • Whether you are doing yours by hand or online, you will need to create a colourful, hand-drawn front cover to attract people's attention.


          • all parts of the review are complete to the best of your ability
          • you have checked your work carefully for spelling, punctuation and grammar
          • your written work is neat and easy to read
          • you have used the "Somebody, Wanted, But, So" strategy for writing a clear, concise summary of your book.
          • your front cover includes the title, author, and an image
          • your front cover is colourful and attractive