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Sidney Literacy Festival

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Sidney Literacy Festival
by Doug Caley - Monday, 30 September 2013, 10:50 AM


The Sidney Literacy Festival is being hosted at 3 sites this weekend, starting on Friday at North Saanich School.  Starting in the morning, for NSMS students, there are two workshops.  Friday evening sees the public events starting with the Evening Gala hosted by Gregor Craigie & Elizabeth May in the NSMS Multipurpose Room.  Events continue through the weekend at various sites.  For more information, please go to:

North Saanich School Workshops:

Sylvia Olsen - Writer's Workshop on Friday morning:
Sylvia Olsen has spent most of her life living in Tsartlip First Nation, where her children and grandchildren now live. Most of her stories are about the place—the time—the experience of where different sorts of people come together. That’s one of the things that interests her the most. It’s one of the things she knows the most about—and like many authors—Sylvia writes about what she knows.

Wendy Morton - Poetry Workshop on Friday afternoon:
Wendy Morton was WestJet's poet of the skies and in exchange for flights she spent time reading and writing poems for their passengers.  She was also the visionary behind a national literacy event where poets all across Canada committed "random acts of poetry” - reading poems to strangers and giving them a book.  Wendy works with students to help them the find the joy in playing with words.  She uses magnetic poetry,  passes out photographs, and has students write poems as if they were the people in the photographs.

Students may sign up for Friday's Workshops by talking to their homeroom teachers or Ms. McNee in the Learning Commons.