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    Have a wonderful two weeks! See you April 3! 

    Week of : 

    This week's To Do list:

    Reminders & Important Dates

    *April 3: Welcome Back!
    *April 13: Report Cards Home
    *April 14: Good Friday
    *April 17: Easter Monday
    *April 28: Pro-D Day


    Google usernames are: student#@students.sd63.bc.ca
    Student's now have their user names and passwords. They are responsible for keeping track of these and not sharing with others. Ask them how to share a Doc? Or what we will be using Google for? 

    Bags of chips, candy, pop - including San Pellegrino & Dole Sparklers, are NOT allowed in the classroom. Students wishing to buy these items at the Canteen must consume outside of the classroom.
    Healthy choices are encouraged throughout the day!  

    Contact me anytime at lmazzocchi@sd63.bc.ca

    Please have a look below under each subject heading 
    to find due dates and assignment criteria!

  • Team AWESOME!

    Thank you to the following students for completing this week's checklist:

    *Term 2: Skillbuilders #9 (and corrections from #1-8)
    *Finish colouring biome cube
    *Poetry Folder Due 

    You are AWESOME!

     Matthew A., Hanne, Robbie, Isabella, Ben, Anna, Nick, Sophie, Michalis, Mikaela,
    Ryan, Laura, Kim, Carmen, Kiera, William W.

    • MATH

      Multiplication Madness: Chocolate Bar Challenge:
      Challenge is to complete 100 multiplication facts in 3 mins or less

      **If you need more practice, make sure to ask!!

      Current Checklist: Decimals - Decimals, Fractions and Percents
      Students will work at either a basic, intermediate or advanced level to help them build confidence and the skills they need to move forward and experience success in math. Checklists are completed in class using a variety of resources including BrainPop. 

      I regularly have practice and study sheets for students. They are responsibly for bringing them home and completing them on their own time. These are not for homework but rather extra practice so they have an opportunity to master math concepts. 


      Ms. Lampard has started teaching a unit on poetry. 


      We are continuing to explore Theories of Change. Over the next few months we will be learning about the idea of evolution or change over time by examining different ecological factors (science) and civilizations (social). 

      • SCIENCE

        Using our interactive notebook, we will be examining different ideas and theories and then reflecting on our thinking.

        Mr. Sum has starting teaching a 7 lesson unit on Climate Change. Mr. Sum will is planning, teaching and assessing this unit. 

        • SCIENCE 8 with Div. 14

          Parents please feel free to contact me at any time for any reason at lmazzocchi@sd63.bc.ca